Spiro Ark

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From Brian Kaplan – Bible Studies student

It has been a privilege and a joy for many years for me to read and enjoy Tanach with my fellow classmates and Nitza and Robin Spiro every Friday afternoon. It is a class in which the inspiring beauty of the Hebrew (especially the poetry of the Bible) and

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From Malka – with Audio

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What is the highlight of my week?  It’s the 2 hours of learning Ivrit with Nitza at Spiro Ark.  Do not be surprised at this for I shall explain. 
As an adult non-examination class, we are not bound by

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From Sidney Buckland

“I must tell you Vanya how safe I feel working with you, how much I appreciate your very quick comprehension of what I am asking, and the very immediate way you carry it all out so smoothly.  Thank you very, very much.”

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From Lyn Julius

I have been a student of Hebrew at Spiro Ark for some 15 years. Our teacher Nitza improves our reading, writing, listening and comprehension skills with a variety of materials – the latest news from Israel, short stories, songs, the occasional film or poem, as well as a regular look

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From Flora Jacobs

I started Nitza’s Hebrew class at the beginning of the current academic year having studied the language elsewhere.  I was a bit nervous about joining an established group but was made to feel welcome from the outset.
Nitza is an inspirational teacher –  not only does she have a profound

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From Sergey Kanovich

“I have no words to express my gratitude to you and Spiro Ark. I will use every possible occasion to mention Spiro Ark not only in the context of the event – what you do is keeping Jewish spirit up under very difficult and mostly unfavourable European context. Thank you

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From Sam

Thank you again for organising such amazing evenings, which enrich all our lives so much!

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FRom Sandra

Thank you for the wonderful work you do in educating us in language, history, culture and so much more.
With love,

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From Robert Beiber

Dear Nitza and Robin
It was the greatest pleasure to talk to the group; thank you for inviting me and for the generosity of your comments.
Yours ever

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