Nitza Spiro Hebrew Studies

Registered Charity No 1070926

From Brian Kaplan – Bible Studies student


It has been a privilege and a joy for many years for me to read and enjoy Tanach with my fellow classmates and Nitza and Robin Spiro every Friday afternoon. It is a class in which the inspiring beauty of the Hebrew (especially the poetry of the Bible) and what it has meant for all people for thousands of years, remains paramount. This is a group of mixed Hebrew ability and varying religious beliefs but where the meaning of the text in relation to the shoreshim (ancient Hebrew roots of the words) are of vital importance with regard to understanding, but also where the unparalleled magnificence of the rhythm and elegance of the succinct poetry of the Bible often overwhelms us all. Anyone who has studied with Nitza Spiro, knows that she is a born teacher of rare ability and an exemplar of the maxim: ‘The function of a teacher is to connect the pupil with the love of the subject.’ Exploring the unfathomable beauty of the Tanach with her is an uplifting experience for those of us who want to feel and hear the essence and the music of the most popular book in history in the words and cadence in which it was written.