Nitza Spiro Hebrew Studies

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Spiro Ark host regular music events showcasing the best of Jewish & Israeli music. The performances are open to everyone so no matter your cultural or religious background please do pop into our venue in Baker Street, London, to listen to great traditional Jewish music including classical, folk, dance and much, much more. You can book tickets to our events below or you can read about past music performances by reading our Jewish Music Reviews.

The Music and Meaning of the Pesach Haggadah
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The Music and Meaning of the Pesach Haggadah

At Spiro Ark, we understand the profound connection between food, music and cherished memories. There’s nothing quite like the nostalgia of childhood and heartwarming family gatherings, where the melodies of songs and the aroma of traditional dishes intertwine to create lasting impressions.
Our mission is simple yet profound: to preserve