Nitza Spiro Hebrew Studies

Registered Charity No 1070926

For the past three decades the name Spiro has been synonymous with the pioneering of new approaches to Jewish Education; both in general schools and for adults.

Our thrust has been not to accept that the widespread loss of Jewish identity among the majority is irreversible. Instead we have reached out to this majority.

Our teaching of the amazing Jewish heritage has reached thousands. Many people from many different backgrounds have told us how our cultural activities, classes and tours have affected them and in turn their families.

Perhaps our greatest achievement has been to see how others follow our lead and emulate our work.

So far as the future is concerned we shall continue to bring forward new and effective ideas for Jewish education -- the most important factor in ensuring our survival as a people.

Nitza Spiro Hebrew Studies is a London-based organisation which organises Jewish cultural events and courses in Jewish History, culture and languages. It has been established by Nitza and Robin Spiro, well known for their pioneering work in Jewish Education in Britain.

Nitza Spiro aims to teach and enthuse about Jewish History and Culture, both because of the intrinsic fascination of these subjects, and because of the central role of Jewish Education in maintaining a Jewish sense of identity in the 21st century.

Besides the regular classes we put together in what we consider to be an inspiring and unique cultural programme to cover many aspects of Jewish interest, and in a somewhat unusual manner. Much thought and work goes into putting together the programmes for the benefit of the community at large. As you know you can harvest only as much as you put in and our teachers are like cows who are desperate to give of their milk!

But it will only achieve its aims if you become followers and act also as our supporters and promoters by widening the network and notifying your friends about these events and encouraging them to join us.

Our budget is small but our vision is not so please let us prove that even with little money one can bring new life into our search for increasing Jewish knowledge and commitment.

With best wishes,

Nitza & Robin Spiro