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Book of Proverbs, chapter 27 verse 2 ( try to read it from its source)

“יהללך זר ולא פיך!”
“Let another praise you rather than your own mouth!” Proverbs, chapter 27, vs. 2
Feedback like this from Spiro Ark students makes it all worthwhile:
I’ve grown frustrated over the last few years that my hebrew speaking and writing abilities are very poor.  I finally decided

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“…space for knowledge to grow.”

“I enjoyed the Ulpan ver, very much and husband Peter did as well. It was truly a marvelous learning experience. Thank you and Robin for creating such a space for knowledge to grow”
Hanelle Levine, Ulpan 2018 student

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Alberto Carvalho

“I fully recommend this course because it is taught with passion”
Alberto Carvalho, Ulpan 2016

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Kate Karni Cohen

“ I am very glad I came to this Ulpan. I found Nitza a very inspiring and charismatic teacher. I liked it when she explained the origin of word and links between words. She took time to mark homework. There was a very friendly atmosphere and the venue is very

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Sarah Gordon

“The course atmosphere was excellent. Everyone was very friendly and it was nice to get to know other people from different classes. Nitza is so warm and kind. The venue was very convenient. “
Sarah Gordon, Ulpan 2016

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