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Writing Family History Workshop – review by Sharon Ross

The blurb for Sue Krisman’s one-day workshop on Family History held at Shomrei Hadath shul in West Hampsted on behalf of Spiro Ark said that the course ‘is designed to inspire you, guide you and help you find a way to cut through the baffling jungle of material you have

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Art for the Ark

Please hover over the images below to see the titles. 
Amongst our students we have extremely talented artists. One of them is Myriam Willcocks who kindly offered to sell her the cards with her art work from Israel as

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Knowing Nitza

Last week The Jewish News magazine published an interesting article about Nitza’s and Robin’s work with refugees  in Greece last December.

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Students’ Comments

I’ve grown frustrated over the last few years that my hebrew speaking and writing abilities are very poor.  I finally decided to do something about it in October 2018 when I enrolled for my first term at the Spiro Ark ulpan.  The course, taught by the incredibly talented and multifaceted

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Jewish Nobel Prize Winners Book Launch – Review by Sharon Ross

Jewish Nobel Prize Winner – talk by Derek Taylor
Spiro Ark are now hosting some of their events at Shromrei Hadath Synagogue in West Hampstead and, last week, I was privileged to attend a talk entitled ‘Jewish Nobel Prize Winners’ by esteemed author, Derek Taylor who has just published

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Homework of the week

Just to show what an amazing progress our students are doing, here are some examples of this week’s best homework.

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A sudden change in the programme!

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances we are very sorry to have to alter the day of the screening of “ A Perfect Day for Banana Leaves” which was scheduled for 24th February 2019 at Tikun, which we were looking forward to.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused but please bear

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Letter from Eldad – Shanti House

We have just return from England, and we wish to thank you for everything you did for us during our stay: Arranging the lecture for Mariuma.
Please express our thankfulness to all the wonderful people whom we met and encourage them to come and visit us during their next visit

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Spiro Ark working with Christian refugees from Arab lands

Spiro Ark working with Christian refugees from Arab lands

A message out of the blue
Amongst scores of emails which arrive daily at the Spiro Ark inbox, an invitation of a puzzling nature appeared.
The sender was an unknown person in Greece and the name of the organisation which issued the invitation added to the mystery: ICC ( International

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