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SUNDAY 12th February 2017 at 7.30 p.m. Panellist: The author John Steinberg, Dr Tali Lowenthal and Eduardo Pitchon. In discussion with Dr Tali Lowenthal, and Eduardo Pitchon, John Steinberg will be talking about his latest novel BLUE SKIES OVER BERLIN, 'a moving and thought -provoking book about guilt and who we really are, from an author who is fascinated by the human condition and the challenges life can present.'
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A review of Thelma Ruby’s one-woman show as a gift to the Spiro Ark

'That's Entertainment'

Reviewed by: Samuel Warshaw
Thelma Ruby’s one-woman show was far more than an evening of songs. It was at once an illustrated history of twentieth century musical theatre, a glimpse of a life adventurously-lived and a love letter to theatre as an art form.     

A review of our ‘What did Britain want in Palestine?’ event with Professor Michael Cohen

Balfour or Against?

Reviewed by: Samuel Warshaw
The centenary of the Balfour Declaration has stimulated a flurry of articles, radio and television programmes and commemorative events in both Jewish and wider circles, far more than the concurrent quincentenary of the Reformation, demonstrating the perhaps somewhat surprising degree of

A review of our Jewish Pirates film event

An Evening about Jewish Pirates

Reviewed by: Jessica Benhamou
When we think of Jewish persecution and survival, piracy does not immediately spring to mind. However, when the Spanish Inquisition drove out hundreds of thousands of Jews, many turned to a vagabond life of looting and plundering.
“An Evening About


Tania M (London)
Hearing about the history of Cambridge and its university by a local guide, born and bred, is not something you do everyday and I'm glad that I tagged along for the adventure. It was great being among like-minded individuals and learn a little about everyone and then have a private lecture about the Genizah! What a fascinating document! And what a great chance to actually see and touch the originals that are being studied! For those interested in history - Jewish or otherwise - this was a great opportunity and I'm very grateful to Spiro Ark for putting on these tours and their events. First, but not last! Thank you!
SW (London)
Thank you so much for the most wonderful day in Cambridge. The morning tour of Cambridge was informative and interesting and it is certainly somewhere I will return. John the guide was very knowledgeable and personable and pitched the tour just right for our group, The highlight of the tour, the Genizah Fragments exhibition, was absolutely breathtaking. Not only to see the fragments themselves, but to have a lecture which explained every details of their discovery and the work that was involved in the restoration brought every piece of text to life. I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to join this day. I look forward to further explorations with you and your group. Warmest regards
Gioia B (London)
Dear Nitza, Robin and Aleksandra, few lines just to thank you again for the beautiful trip of yesterday to Cambridge. It was a while I didn't have such a great time and I deeply enjoyed my time with you there. It has been a great, enriching and inspiring experience. So a big thank you!
FH (London)
Thank you for a really enjoyable trip to Cambridge last week. Learning about the discovery of the Genizah and seeing some of the documents displayed was absolutely fascinating of course, quite a privilege, and I thought the trip was very well-balanced with the guided tour of Cambridge too. Although I've visited the city quite a few times before, your guide was excellent, really clear and interesting, and as it happens took us down some lovely back lanes which I didn't know, so that was a treat. Many thanks for organising this interesting trip so well - comfortable coach with good driver too - and I look forward to other trips in future. More power to your elbow!