Nitza Spiro Hebrew Studies

Registered Charity No 1070926


9 January & 24 January 2008

Yaakov Shapiro, a Yiddish entertainer, theatre and film actor and singer whose accolade covers many countries is not prepared to be deterred and insists that the magic of Yiddish will draw crowds even in London.

He will appear for the Spiro Ark both in London and in Liverpool in a rich Yiddish repertoire.

The Last Love of Laura Adler film which has received many awards in festivals around the world will be screened at the Spiro Ark on Thursday 24 January 2008.It was the first Israeli film which was accepted after 20 years to an official international competition at the Venice Film Festival. It describes the ups and downs of life of actors in the Yiddish Theatre, the dedication of its actors like Ms Adler who refused to waste time at doctors' surgeries to try and cure her cancer when the stage was calling her to continue playing.

On January 19 an evening of sheer entertainment of song and humour in an authentic Yiddish style which will leave you crying with laughter and shedding tears with sympathy.

Tickets from the Spiro Ark.