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Film screening and discussion: An Israeli Love Story

An Israeli Love Story (2017) directed and produced by Dan Wolman

'An Israeli Love Story' gives the viewer an insight into fascinating history of Israeli state in its making. It also represents a great opportunity to brush up on your Hebrew.

The film is based on the true story of the love affair between Pnina Gary, from Nahalal, and Eli Ben–Zvi, son of Rachel Yanait and Yitzhak Ben-Zvi the Second President of the State of Israel.

The film is set during the turbulent period of pre-state Israel. Margalit meets Eli on a bus and falls in love with him instantly. She tries to get close to him but he's too busy with the Palmach. Finally, the barriers come down, Margalit moves in with Eli, they set a date for their wedding, but Israel's harsh reality intervenes.

"With sensitivity and simplicity Wolman weaves the love story between the two young idealists into the pivotal moments that gave birth to the state. He pours honest romantic content into this cynicism free relationship from the country's age of innocence."

Nachum Mochiach, Habama

Awards: Best Actress Audience Award to main actress Adi Bielski at The Golden Rooster, One Hundred Flower Festival ("The Chinese Oscar"). 


After the screening, we will be having a discussion about the film and the element of mystery surrounding the circumstances in which Eli died.

Watch the trailer.