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Ben-Gurion film review by our young reporter Narayan Jhutti

This is the first review by our young reporter Narayan Jhutti and we are looking forward to many more.


The film about David Ben-Gurion was an interesting insight into how Isreal has become the nation it is today, starting from nothing to becoming a metropolis with one man’s strength and perseverance. Through the film I learnt about Ben-Gurion’s interesting views and how he views life and also how he would use Jewish morals in his politics. I felt that the use of subtitles was brilliant as it kept the film authentic and you could feel Ben-Gurion’s passion for politics and life through his tone of voice, whereas it would be a bit tarnished if it were dubbed over. My favourite scene from the film was when they showed Ben-Gurion and his late wife together, as it showed that he was a family man and was devoted not only to his country but also to his family, which is a very Jewish way of being, this also would have set a good example to the citizens of Isreal at the time. If I were to describe the film in five words I’d say “A passionate first prime minister’s story”. After the film, there was an interesting discussion where Ben-Gurion was compared to Trump. I believe this is an interesting comparison: they both have strength and courage in common, but do have a very different purpose in the world and culture.