Nitza Spiro Hebrew Studies

Registered Charity No 1070926


- " It was clear that a great deal of thought and preparation had gone into each session - use of English was minimal and employed only when absolutely necessary.
" I would recommend this programme because Daily Lessons allow for a much more immersive experience than weekly alternatives. " ADRIAN

- " Positive. Cheerful. Encouraging. Classroom is bright and spacious. I have learned a great deal. " EILEEN

- " People all prepared to listen. I Can start to make simple conversation. " TIM WILLIAMS

- " Very Welcoming. Large grouping at each start gives feeling of being part of a larger group, rather than a class. The welcome acts like philosophy of the course: Non-judgmental, etc...
" Explanations were clean and friendly and fun. " ANONYMOUS

- " Good mix of people in our group. They're all easy going, good tempered and work collaboratively in a very effective way. This has contributed greatly to my enjoyment of the Ulpan. The teacher is nice too. " ANONYMOUS

- " I have gone from almost nothing to being able to exchange a few sentences and having a better understanding of pronunciation, etc...
" Very Clear explanations and flexible approach.
I would say classes cater to all levels, including complete beginners. and that the teachers are excellent. " EMMANUELLE

- (On Central Synagogue) " The Historical 1870's Shul built by our Victorian ancestors gives a sense of tradition.
(On Class) " Most stimulating for the "grey-cells" and life affirming. A wonderful experience.
" I have learned some good basic Hebrew and also been introduced to some wonderful ethics of Judaism. Our class has been interesting, aspirational and fun. " WARREN HOSKINS

- " Everyone is incredibly friendly and the song at the beginning really sets it to be.
" I have enjoyed every moment.
" I thought the teaching was brilliant. I wish a farther intense course was offered. " KATIE

- " The Atmosphere is fun as always, Nitza's patience and experience makes the lessons go smoothly.
" The Teaching is excellent as always! " STEVEN BOYLE (surname-YES/NO?!)

- " Atmosphere is amazing; everybody gets to know each other; the 15 minutes spent together at the beginning singing Pirkei Avot is such a nice way to bring everybody together.
(On the venue) " Central Synagogue is a great venue. it really brings together Judaism and the Hebrew language; it's also a very central location, easy to reach.
(On the classes) " Went beyond my expectation. I work quite long hours and although I knew I'd enjoy the Hebrew classes after work I couldn't imagine how much energy and pleasure I'd get from 3 hours after a long working day!
" Explanations are very clear and I feel like it doesn't take much effort to digest all the new words thanks to the teaching method that makes it quite easy to assimilate a lot of new things within a few hours of lessons.
" It just works perfectly to me; it's lively, we get to speak and participate a lot in a way that makes us really comfortable and gives a lot of confidence.
" I would definitely recommend the Ulpan/ Regular Classes yo anybody looking to learn Hebrew. I'd say how patient the teachers are and how excellent the rhythm and teaching methods are.
" This Ulpan really helped me get more confident and allowed me to consolidate a lot of my previous Hebrew knowledge.
" I learned a lot of new words and it is really starting to become more natural for me to speak, which was one of my goals.
It would be hard to find anything unsatisfactory as I'm really enjoying every minute of the daily 3 hours.
The atmosphere is very nice and this is coming from Spiro Ark team, bringing people together, especially through these first 15 minutes of singing together.
The structure of the lessons allows us to stay on top of what's been learnt; this by going back to what's been studied in the previous lesson, and it helps getting things memorized for good. " FREDERIC GOULIPIAN

- " Warm, friendly, welcoming, supportive.
" I enjoy the atmosphere. The songs in the beginning has been fun. " MONICA

- " Very friendly and relaxed, making it a comfortable environment in which to learn.
" I did not think I would enjoy it as much as I am. We are a small group and that makes for a better teaching environment. Everybody is very nice.
" We are very lucky to have Nitza (Spiro) teaching us. Her experience, methods and style of teaching are nothing short of excellent.
" The teaching complements what I have learnt earlier in the Spring Course.
" I would recommend the Spiro Ark to my friends and strangers without hesitation and without reservation. The style and method of teaching is excellent and done in a friendly and relaxing environment. You certainly learn Hebrew.
"I wish the course was longer than 2 weeks! " JANE