Nitza Spiro Hebrew Studies

Registered Charity No 1070926

Ulpan Tzium Party-Thursday 15th August 2019


The music was lively, the dancers sprite and quick with a gorgeous Israeli dance teacher in the center to lead us as we danced the newly learned “mayim” dance…

It was a lovely evening and party with amazing Jewish nosh for all tastes, cheesecake, hummus and crackers, salad and even mini chocolate flakes (yum)!

Salads were lovingly crafted by the ulpan participants as they learned their final Hebrew words of the course with their amazing teachers, who had returned for another year’s session with their enthusiastic new students and loyal returnees.

Singing, group thanks and more dancing were soon to be in order to round off a lovely evening and amazing ulpan course.

Surprisingly our impressive host, Nitza Spiro was not only leading the party, but an active participant, catching onto the dance steps, full of energy with a smile for everyone! What an example to us all!!

Review by S. Qatabi