Nitza Spiro Hebrew Studies

Registered Charity No 1070926


Nearly all of you mentioned in your returned evaluation sheets that you would appreciate a continuous contact with the Spiro Ark and would like lectures and cultural events to be transported from London to Manchester.

If we would be able to build such ongoing programmes, I do believe that all involved would benefit from it. I am sure that our lecturers, performers and artists would appreciate the opportunity to meet with a community with which they are not hitherto familiar.

We can send up lectures, exhibitions, concerts, literary events, films, etc and encourage all of you to join tours of Jewish interest both in this country and abroad.

I hope that like in London, such stimulating events would attract not only the committed but also the marginal Jews and non-Jews, who are interested in the history and culture of their Jewish neighbours -- it could serve as a bridge towards better understanding and mutual respect.

Being an incurable optimist, I believe that if we all wish it to happen it will indeed materialize.

Please reply, debating our ideas as how to stop 'the meltdown'.

Your thoughts give us a better road map to achieving our goals in that direction.

If you put your opinions on our blog, it might start an exchange of thoughts between you and us, between members of the Manchester Community and other members, who might belong to different circles and adhere to varied points of view.

Thank you in advance for your involvement,

Nitza Spiro