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Join us in celebrating Heroes in Our Time, those who followed in their footsteps of protecting the community -- the 62, MAHAL and CST and the 43 Group

Date: 15/02/2009
Venue: Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue,
Norrice Lea, London N2 0RE

Apart from a few examples in history when Jews have resisted their enemies by force as a rule they waited for the Almighty God, their saviour and guardian to take vengeance on their behalf and to eliminate their enemies.

Indeed, the Jewish people who were threatened to be exterminated throughout their long history are still alive and fill the lists of prominent writers, musicians, scientists, inventors and Nobel Prize winners.

Yet, throughout history, because of this passive attitude, they have also gained the reputation of "going like sheep to their slaughter".

The story of the 43 Group is closer to home. 43 young British men and women, all veterans of WWII thought that once victory was declared over Nazism, the world has finally been freed of the venom of fascism.

Their conclusion was only a wishful thinking by those who lost so many friends on that battle. In 1945 Oswald Mosley was gathering once again his troops, fascists who were eager to continue their anti-Semitic pursuits.

The Jewish veterans were outraged and dismayed by the ralleys and anti Jewish activities of the fascists. Seeing that no one was taking to combat the growing trend, went out and fought those agitators and managed to destroy all Mosely's post war anti-Semitic activities. Amongst this group was Vidal Sassoon, of the renowned hairdressing empire.

On 15th February we are organizing an event with a documentary film about the activities and success of the group narrated by Harold Pinter: memories of members (including a woman), readings from a newspaper correspondence (JC and Search Light) supporting and opposing the activities as saving or harming the Jewish community. The letter will be recited by actors. The event will also be saluting the heirs to the first defenders of the community 62 group, Mahal and our current protectors the CST.

All who appreciate the fact that we as a community are now feeling safe in our fruitions and wish to follow the history of our initiative to protect ourselves should come and support the initiators who are still with us.

The event is supported by the CST and HGSS.