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Heritage Challenges and Progress in Egypt

Calling Jews from Egypt and heritage enthusiasts

Many of you showed a keen interest in our Egyptian Heritage event on Wednesday 17th January.

The context: In 2017, the Egyptian government addressed many Jewish Heritage issues positively.
While obstacles still remain and sensitivity on the issue still runs high, a new proactive preservation approach has emerged affecting synagogues, cemeteries and Torah scrolls.

Two founding members of the Nebi Daniel Association which campaigns to preserve Egypt's Jewish Heritage, Roger Bilboul and Yves Fedida, talked to us about their charity's activities, including, most excitingly for most of you, the exceptionally exclusive work of documenting Egypt's Torah scrolls.

Our photo collages give a small glimpse of the fascination of the topic but, to find out more, you are invited to watch a video of the event, PART 1 and PART 2

Photography by Maurice Hoffman; Filming by Laurence Julius (Harif).