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WHO WILL REMAIN? – Not just another war time documentary!

Who will remain?

This is not just another war time documentary!

It is an award-winning documentary about the Yiddish poet Avrom Sutzkever (1913–2010). He has been called the Shakespeare of Yiddish poetry and the greatest of Holocaust poets.  

Sutzkever’s poetry literally saved his life, when during the war Stalin himself decided to send not one but two rescue missions into Nazi-occupied Lithuania to fly the poet and his wife to safety in Moscow. 

The poet’s granddaughter, Israeli actress Hadas Kalderon, traces the fascinating story of his life in Siberia, the Vilna Ghetto, his role in the resistance (the Paper Brigade), testimony at the Nuremberg trials and life in post-war Israel where he decided to continue to write only in Yiddish and received the highest recognition- the Israel prize. The film is illustrated with Sutzkever’s poetry, family home videos, newly recorded interviews, and archival recordings. 

The special screening, on Wednesday 7th June at 7.00pm, brought to you by Spiro Ark and JW3, will be attended by both the filmmaker Christa Whitney and the producer and Hadas Kalderon. 

Please note it is a small venue, and the number of tickets is limited. Do not delay booking your seats.

Book your tickets now by calling JW3 Box office on 0207 433 8988.