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Malaria in Palestine

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Palestine was the place of the first start of a successful national malaria-eradication campaign anywhere in the world in 1921/2. The British, in 1918, had declared the malarial position in Palestine as hopeless, the British Army having collapsed from malaria there, although, fortunately for them, a few days after  defeating the Turkish Army.

Anton Alexander is a retired solicitor. In 2009, he began to take an interest in malaria in Palestine of 100 years ago when he first heard that Petah Tikvah had been abandoned about 130 years ago on account of malaria. From then on, he began to notice, from old photos, the desolation of Palestine pre-WW1, and his research sprang from these beginnings. 

Anton’s most recent paper has just been published by the American Entomologist and Oxford University Press and he has his own website dedicated to his subject.