Nitza Spiro Hebrew Studies

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Dear Nitza & Robin

Thank you both for giving us the opportunity to join you on one of the most memorable experiences we have ever had. To visit somewhere new is always exciting but to learn about our history made it extra special.

Although I loved Buenos Aires and the meetings with Ernesto and Amia and the synagogues I think the Ort School was the highlight for me there and the ballet and tango lessons will always remind me of Montevideo. To have the opportunity to visit Iguacu - the sights and sounds - will live with me forever but as always one leaves the best to last and for me that has to be Entre Rios. I suppose it is because the other places we would possibly have visited at some time in the future but I doubt whether we would have ever travelled to the territories and to have seen where the jews from Eastern Europe had set up home and struggled for survival was incredibly moving and humbling and puts our life here into perspective. To see, meet and listen to members of the community there was without doubt the outstanding part of the trip and has now given me the urge to learn more.

Life is a learning curve and we have been exceptionally fortunate to have been able to be part of this trip. I am only too aware of the time, effort and energy that goes into making such a trip successful and it is all down to you, Alina, Andre and Lloica.

We look forward to future trips together.

Lorraine & Warren Grossmith