Nitza Spiro Hebrew Studies

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What is unique to the Spiro Ark's approach to Jewish youth, adult and family education? The secret of its success has been to explore and experiment with new ideas.

As the Jewish world becomes more secular and dangerously assimilated, in a world where the visual and hi-tech are dominant -- new and fresh ideas must be introduced to keep up the level of interest amongst young and old.

Courses in Hebrewstrong> for the whole family
In addition to London-based weekly courses during the year plus summer Ulpanim in 2008 the Spiro Ark will organize a family learning experience in Israel which will cater to families with children from the age of 7 upwards in an imaginative programme combining learning, touring and extraordinary meetings with places and people..

Yiddish The Spiro Ark has a strong Yiddish (language and cultural) programme for all levels.

Tours in the UK and overseas
Learning history on wheels is the best way to understand the Jewish experience. The Spiro Ark has organized over 50 such tours; seeing the past, meeting the present and contemplating the future. Tuscany, the 14 -- 19 October 2007, Romania 11 -- 16 May 2008 and Argentina and Uruguay in November 2009. Some 30 Anglo-Jewish trails will encourage people not only to visit and see but also create their own family trails as family projects. Expert documentary film-maker will guide families -- adults and children from 7 upwards through the art of documenting their own family history on film; the final product will be placed on the Jtrail (Spiro Ark) website

Theatre on Jewish themes
A good play has a strong impact and reaches long term memory. There are many plays written on Jewish themes that explore Jewish issues historical and current. Only a tiny proportion of these will actively reach the stage. The Spiro Ark is now embarking on a new season of rehearsed play-reading + discussions which throw light on many issues that our youth is grappling with as well as hosting proper theatre companies and renowned actors from different parts of the world.

Jews from Arab Lands
This is a collaborative programme with HARIF and the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain, the Sephardi Centre and Holland Park Synagogue. The history and culture of Jews from Arab Lands is essential to the understanding the rich tapestry of Jewish history.

Music Jewish music, music by Jewish composers or music performed by Jewish and Israeli virtuosos is a regular feature organized by the Spiro Ark and by Tzavta, its Israeli focused department. The highlight of this programme will take place on Sunday the 4th of November when a full orchestra will open an Israeli Music library at the Royal Academy in London. On that date the Spiro Ark / Tzavta Department will also launch a competition of playing Israeli Music which will take place at one of the most prestigious musical academies. It will be judged by well known musicians and will end by a major concert of the virtuosos.

Art Exhibitions at the Spiro Ark Gallery
Exhibitions of quality art by Jewish and Israeli artists or on Jewish themes are regularly shown at the Spiro Ark including exhibitions from museums abroad. Some of the planned exhibitions are a photographic exhibition on Mandate period in Palestine posters from the Vilnius Ghetto and Israeli Comix books at which will coincide with Jewish Book Week.

Literary Evenings -- Poetry, prose, book launches and meeting with writers and journalists from Israel, the continent and the USA.

Apart from languages the Spiro Ark offers courses on Jewish history and of women from Biblical times to today plus a course on the stories of Agnon (Israel's only Nobel Prize winner) as well as Biblical studies.

Medical Club -- in conjunction with the Laniado UK, a programme of meetings with medical practitioners, consultants, doctors, scientists and experts on all kinds of remedies to improve health and happiness is also offered.

Just ask for a prospectus, put your name on the email list or contact us for ideas for collaboration. The Spiro Ark is movable -- if you cannot come to their centre there is the likelihood that we can come to you.