Spiro Ark

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The Endgame of Raoul Wallenberg (Previously advertised as The Interrogation of Raoul Wallenberg by the Russian Secret Service) – a powerful play reading

Central Synagogue W1

Spiro Ark is proud to present a rehearsed reading of the play.

The play shows a series of gripping head-to-head encounters with a single Russian agent through the Cold War to the early 2000’s.

The prisoner is Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who was instrumental in saving the lives of over 120,000 Jewish people in occupied Budapest in 1944.

Wallenberg has often been considered one of the few truly good people in history, and his exploits and his extraordinary story have made him a legend.  

When the Russians advanced on Budapest in early 1945 they became suspicious of Wallenberg. He disappeared into their prison system, and his death has remained a mystery. 

The play imagines the interrogations as they could have been conducted, and is based on the facts we know. It portrays a conflict of two individuals, and of Russia and the West.

The playwright David Crook will discuss his book after the reading.

Photographs taken at the HGSS performance by Maurice Hoffman. Please click to enlarge.