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The Impact of Zionism and Israel on Anglo-Jewry’s Identity, 1948-1982: Caught Somewhere Between Zion and Galut

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Thanks to the might of Israel, even Diaspora Jews can hold their heads up high, so remarks Tomer in Amos Oz s 1966 novel Elsewhere, Perhaps. This quotation speaks to the profound impact which Zionism’s successful campaign for Jewish statehood had on the identity of Jews in the Diaspora. Howeve

r, this impact, though widely acknowledged, remains underexplored. Using previously unpublished communal sources and an innovative chronological-thematic structure, Omer- Jackaman analyses the effects of Zionism and
the State of Israel on the identity of Britain’s Jews between the founding of the Jewish State and the 1982 invasion of Lebanon. Devoutly patriotic, Anglophile Jews insisted upon a separation between Israeli Jewish and Anglo Jewish identity in the early years after 1948, and worked hard to remind the community of the dangers of dual loyalty…