Spiro Ark

Registered Charity No 1070926

Summer Term 2020 – Hebrew Total Beginners – Thursdays 10am-12noon


Price : £240

An exciting opportunity to  discover  a totally new language, or reviving   a vague memory from  early childhood,  perhaps resenting parents insistence on Sunday morning classes.

In the first session, we always  find out the specific interest of each student and try to fulfil their aspirations.

We will learn to recognise the printed alphabet, the vowels and the script letters and at every lesson work on easy conversations of day to day useful expressions.

Requirements :No previous knowledge but enthusiastic approach and commitment to work between sessions.

Book to purchase :IVRIT MI-BERESHIT Vol 1.


Total Beginners

Teacher: Nitza Spiro


April: 23, 30

May: 07, 14, 21, 28

June: 04, 11, 18, 25

July: 02, 09

Term Cost: £240

Please register online ( payments via PayPal or BACS) or for any further information and consultation call the office on 020 7794 4655 or email education@spiroark.org 

  • Cost: £240.00
  • Maximum Number of Seats available is 15