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Knock Knock a Play by Niv Petel – Winner of ‘Three Weeks Editor’s Award 2017’


How would you raise your child, if you knew that one day their turn will come to hold a rifle? 

As a liaison officer for the army, Ilana, a single mother, supports families who’ve lost their sons and daughters to the wars. But when the time comes for her own only son to wear the army uniform, she faces a life-changing dilemma.

How is it to grow up in a place where children are destined to be soldiers from the day they are born?

The parents –  all former soldiers themselves – know that one day, a liaison officer might knock on their door too. Niv Petel weaves a vivid and detailed familial relationship in Knock Knock, an immersive physical mono-drama about the effects of National Service on everyday life. Inspired by real life situations, and with a lot of humour,
Knock Knock cuts through the thick curtain of politics to tell a story about parenthood, friendship, love and sacrifice.