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Book Launch: Studying Waltz with Bashir

Introduced by the author, Dr Giulia Miller

On its release in 2008, Ari Folman's animated film Waltz with Bashir was heralded as a brilliant and original exploration of trauma, its impact on memory and the recording of history. It is surprising that although Waltz with Bashir consists of numerous flashbacks and dream sequences, which are all portrayed using highly experimental forms of animation, this has not prevented it from being regarded as an 'autobiographical' and 'honest' account of the director's own experiences in the 1982 Lebanon war. 

The film won several documentary awards and, in this sense, it is the supposed documentary form, rather than the animation, that has had the most influence upon critics.  

Giulia Miller is a writer and academic and the author of Reconfiguring Surrealism in Modern Hebrew Literature. She holds a PhD in Modern Hebrew Literature (University of Cambridge), and is currently a Visiting Lecturer at Chester University. 

Discounted copies of Studying Waltz with Bashir will be on sale during the event.