Spiro Ark

Registered Charity No 1070926

For those who can use 50 to 100 words and can recognise printed and script forms of the alphabet.

At the end of the course you should be able to:
• break the ice with Hebrew speakers and gain much more confidence in many topics of daily conversations
• greet people
• ask for directions
• be able to describe yourself, your background and your hobbies.

In addition, you will begin to understand the use of present and past tenses and have an idea of the logic and structure of the language.

There are a number of Not Quite Beginners classes but they represent different levels between Total Beginners and Beginners 1. In order to place students in the most appropriate class please ring the office and request an assessment session with Nitza over the ‘phone. We are committed to satisfying our students and are determined to ensure that you find your correct place within the scale of the many levels we offer.

  • Cost: £240.00
  • Maximum Number of Seats available is 15