Spiro Ark

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An Evening about Jewish Pirates

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Spiro Ark, Harif and HGSS proudly present An Evening About Jewish Pirates with Arnon Z. Shorr and Richard Rasner

Whoever heard of Jewish pirates? Contrary to the Hollywood stereotype, Jews were ambitious adventurers who sought revenge at a time when Spain was a major maritime power, and a safe haven from the Spanish Inquisition for themselves and their families.

The evening will feature the first ever showing of The Pirate Captain Toledano, an award-winning short fiction film by Arnon Z. Shorr. To-date, the only dramatisation of Inquisition-era Jewish piracy, it tells the story of a refugee from the Spanish Inquisition who is caught as a stowaway on a 16th century pirate ship. The film is in English, with some Ladino and liturgical Hebrew.

We will then have a discussion via Skype with director Arnon Z. Shorr and Richard Rasner, pirate history consultant.

Start Time
08:00 PM
Wednesday, November 08, 2017
Finish Time
10:00 PM
Wednesday, November 08, 2017
HGSS, Norrice Lea, London N2 0RE