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ARABIC IN ISRAEL with Dr Shlomo Alon

Contact: 0207 794 4655

Shlomo Alon PhD is the only Jewish member of the Israel National Academy for Arabic Language.

Following the recent controversy regarding the status of Arabic in Israel, Spiro Ark is delighted to welcome Shlomo Alon who is not only the only Jewish  member of the Israel National Academy but also a former National Inspector of Arabic Language, Emeritus Senior Lecturer at the School of Education at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as well as Israel’s Representative on the European Committee for Reading and Literacy.

There are 12 Academies for the Arabic Language in the Middle East and one of them is in Nazareth, Israel, the only one located in a non-Arab state. Arabic is the second official language of Israel, spoken by 20% of the Israeli population. The role of the Academy, which has twenty permanent members who are researchers and writers, is to promote its usage. This topic encompasses far more than a linguistic issue.