Fallahin (peasant farmers - known as am haaretz of Northern Israel) and 'Freud'. Is there any possible family relationship between them?

Lecture by Geoffrey Ben-Nathan and Chaired by Senior Rabbi & Chief Executive of Liberal Judaism Danny Rich on Wednesday 22 February 2017 at 7.30pm.
The lecture attempts to answer the three questions most frequently posed to Dr Zuroff during the 36 years that he has been involved in the efforts to bring Nazi crimninals to justice all over the world. ...
Only 2017 London appearance of Sivan Rotem - World's most-travelled soprano.
The only soprano who works on five continents, Argentinian-born Israeli Sivan Rotem, making her fourth UK appearance in as many years, will perform songs by Bellini, Rossini, Meyerbeer, Henriette Bosmans, Spanish and Israeli songs and Argentinian tangos, accompanied by Nigel Foster, piano. ...
The discovery of 'Jewish Indians' in South America

A Sensational Lecture by Alan Ereira.

The revelation, in 1644, that South American Indians prayed in Hebrew was astonishing. The news was brought to the Jews of Amsterdam in September 1644 by a Portuguese Marrano trader from New Grenada. He described a secret meeting with indigenous people in a remote location at a river in the mountains, at which the natives recited the first line of the Shema. His conclusion was that the indigenous people there must be Jews.

The Hidden Jewish History of Palmyra - An illustrated talk by Adam Blitz
As the Syrian civil war has raged, the ancient city of Palmyra has been in the news after Islamic state reportedly blew it up, lost it, and regained control of it once more. ...
With British Museum volunteer guide Alec Nacamuli. ...
Who are the Jews? And what do they look like. This documentary, set in contemporary Spain, unravels the history and mutations of Judeophobia, from the Christian denunciation until the emergence of the modern State of Israel. ...
A two session course on Pesach with Nitza Spiro and Steven Leas
The Spiro Ark and Central Synagogue are proud to present a two session course on Pesach with Nitza Spiro and Steven Leas. ...
An Evening With The Mafia plus Their Jewish Friends
'A roller-coaster ride - from the birth of the American mafia at the beginning of the twentieth century - thru' prohibition and how their Jewish pals propelled organised crime to influence every aspect of life in America for some fifty years - which would ultimately create the playground of the world - Las Vegas!'
www.anaudiencewiththemafia.com ...
Two private visits to the Hebrew manuscripts section at The British Library

Show and tell by The Curator of the collection of Hebrew manuscripts and printed books, Mrs Ilana Tahan, OBE.

The Library is usually only open to readers who are engaged in special research. These two visits are specially organised for the Spiro Ark. Each such visit requires the Curator to organise a small exhibition and to explain the history of each of these rear and unique items.

French Jews in London: Who are they, why are they here, and what will happen to them after Brexit?
With its half-a-million French residents, London is known as the fifth French city. In the last decades, thousands of Jews have settled in the UK from France and Sephardi Minyanim are popping up to cater for their needs. Who are they? What made them come here? And what will happen to them after the UK leaves the EU? ...
A two session course in preparation for Shavuot with Nitza Spiro and Steven Leas
The short and pastoral Book of Ruth is a story with which we are all familiar. Like every good literary work, it has much more than that which meets the eye. ...
Tanach (Bible) Tour of the British Museum conducted by Rabbi Arye Forta
The Tanach covers the earliest and most formative period of Jewish history. Yet, it is not only about the past. It is subtly intertwined with the most fundamental aspects of our lives shaping the way we understand ourselves, our kinship with other Jews and our place within and responsibilities towards the wider humanity. ...
A Tour of Cambridge and the Genizah

A 2 hour walking tour of historic Cambridge will take us through its development over the centuries.

This will be followed by an introduction to the Genizah, an extraordinary collection of medieval Jewish documents with the history of how it arrived at the Cambridge University library.



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