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Spiro Ark host regular events showcasing the best of Jewish & Israeli artists and performers. The showings are open to everyone so no matter your cultural or religious background please do pop into our venue in Baker Street, London, to see what we have on offer. You can book tickets to our events below or you can read about past events by reading our Jewish Event reviews.
Day Tour  to Cambridge, Colleges and the Genizah
Day Tour to Cambridge Colleges and the Genizah! ...
Palestinians and Samaritans - Same blood.  Risk or chance for peace?
Genetic research proves that there are many households in the Middle East that originate from the Samaritans and Jews who during the centuries were forced to convert to Islam and Christianity. ...
Women at War: the Correspondent By Carol Gould
A film and discussion We will screen 'A Thousand Times Goodnight' starring Juliette Binoche, the moving story of a dedicated photojournalist in Afghanistan. She must choose between family and her work after a suicide bombing during a deployment. The BBC Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet, when asked about mortal danger in the field, always quotes the late Marie Colvin of The Times, who said just before she was killed in Homs, Syria in 2012: 'It's what I do.'. More recently Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Anja Niedringhaus was killed in Afghanistan. We will look at the stirring message of this film, directed by war photographer Erik Poppe, in a discussion with Prof Yossi Mekelberg and a war correspondent. ...
Jewish Soldiers in the German Army in the Great War

Jewish Soldiers in the German Army in the "Great War"

Prof Appelbaum will give a talk about the approximately 100,000 Jews in the German army, of whom 80,000 fought on the Front and 12,500 were killed or went missing in action. About 35,000 were decorated, 23,000 promoted, and more than 2,000 became officers.

Historical proof of biblical history through a Tanach tour at the British Museum Conducted by - Rabbi Arye Forta
The Tanach covers the earliest and most formative period of Jewish history. Yet it is not only about the past. It is subtly intertwined with the most fundamental aspects of our lives shaping the way we understand ourselves, our kinship with other Jews and our place within and responsibilities towards the wider humanity. The Tanach is, in a very real sense, the introductory chapter of each Jew's autobiography; each one of our lives being a subplot in its never ending narrative. Your Tour will be a face to face encounter with key aspects of this timeless story. ...
Tanach tour at the British Museum
A historical illustration of biblical history through a Tanach tour at the British Museum Conducted by - Rabbi Arye Forta ...


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