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A diverse Israeli cultural experience through music YOAV OVED

Yoav will be performing a mixture of Israeli Ashkenazi and Sephardi songs together with explanations, related anecdotes and stories.  He believes that with our wide-ranging roots people can unite through the medium of music.

Yoav’s tenor voice will move you and his style of performance will encourage you to participate in the singing of familiar songs!

A real experience not to be missed!

Yoav now resides in London and works closely with the Jewish Music Institute.  He has performed recitals in London, Paris and Riga.  This year he was awarded the honour of singing ‘El Male Rachamim’ at the 2017 Holocaust Memorial Day Ceremony at City Hall, London.


Monday 4th September 2017 at 19:30

Venue:  The Shtiebel, 10a Canfield Gardens, London NW6 3JS

Tickets:  £10 by phone : 020 7 794 4655 or online